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Zeena's Cleaners offer regular industrial cleaning for warehouses and light industry. We have cleaners available for prompt and reliable cleaning of your site. We can offer continuity of supply and are fully equipped to handle regular commercial cleaning. If you are tired of working on a site where the dirt constantly builds up and your bathrooms are disgusting by the end of the day, we are able to offer a high quality cleaning solution at the times that suits your business.

Perth CBD We offer extensive office spring cleaning services. We have cleaners that can clean outside of business hours and wipe years of dirt away without any disruption to your workplace. You will notice an immediate difference in the cleanliness of your office. We offer office spring cleaning services for medium to large offices throughout Perth.

We specialise in large, detailed cleaning tasks for commercial premises’ that need professional and efficient service at times that suit your organisation. We complete your cleaning instructions to the highest standard. Commercial office vacate cleaning is available upon request. Our experience assists us to clean efficiently and completely any commercial office that is vacant or to be vacated.

Commercial Office Post Renovation Cleaning

This is a critical final step in planning the future use of your new work space. Zeena's Cleaners provides the perfect solution utilising our years of experience. We offer value for money for an excellent professional cleaning service. Cleaning a business premises after renovations takes careful planning. We have lots of experience with office post renovation planning and cleaning which ensures you get the very best service. All Perth metro areas are covered.

Builders Cleaning for Recently Completed Buildings

Zeena's Cleaners works hard to clean in detail and to high standards. This will enable any building handover goes smoothly and the new residents are extremely impressed with your finished product.

Real Estate Cleaning for Agencies

We will complete cleaning on new rental properties. The property condition report can be completed properly and easily after Zeena's Cleaners have been assigned to clean your rental property. You can also refer us to your tenants to make short work of any bond cleaning.

Vacate Cleaning Services

Vacate cleaning of an empty property can be an extensive and time consuming proposition Zeena's Cleaners specialise in empty vacated house cleaning. We offer entire property clean ups or basic property cleaning depending on your requirements. Vacated property cleaning is often a stipulation in contracts.

After Renovation Cleaning

Post renovation cleaning is a vital element of any post renovation planning. You can time your cleaning service at exactly the time that you want to minimise any further loss of access to your house. Our post renovation cleaning service has built up over the years so that now we offer sophisticated cleaning solutions to maximise our effect, and to reduce time cleaning, saving you money.










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